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Producing the best industry PV ribbon
Manufacturing excellence as well as whole-process line inspection and control ensure the best quality of product.
Flat Coil Packing
Provide variety of customized specifications, convenient for the customer according to the need of the customer to cut into the ...
Spool Packing
Full computer control to the line spacing, precise winding displacement, no blocking card, stable weld surface quality.
Fixed-length Packing
It can customize the product to be the various length specifications according to the requirement of the customer, save the use ...
Suzhou Tonyshare Electronic Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company located by the scenic Taihu Lake. It is about an hour¡¯s drive to Shanghai. The Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway,the Suzhou-Shanghai-Zhejiang Expressway, the Suzhou-Hangzhou Expressway, Suzhou Ring Expressway and 318 National Road intersect here and connect ...
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